Business and Commercial

Business representation, including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, banking, federal and state regulatory law, collections and related matters.

Bishop & Heintz, P.C. has established expertise in matters necessary to assist clients with long-term business strategies, including assistance with legal matters, as they arise in the course of a client's business. The firm's representation in this area includes the following:

  • Entity formation, including initial counseling in determination of the appropriate entity. Entity formation services include limited liability companies, corporations, including sub-chapter S corporations, limited partnerships, general partnerships, and trusts.
  • Assisting in the continuing legal requirements for maintaining various business entities, including assisting with appropriate minutes and records and required regulatory filings.
  • Assisting in Intellectual Property matters, such as determining the need for, and assisting in obtaining Intellectual Property protection for Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets Germaine to the particular business.
  • Assisting in matters related to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, including sale/transfer of liquor licenses.
  • Purchase and sale of business entities, both on a stock, membership share, or asset basis. The firm has significant experience in purchase and sale of varied major business entities, within the state of Michigan, including, but not limited to restaurant/bar businesses, including multi-vocation transfers; automobile dealerships; and service industries.
  • Legal matters related to purchase, sale, or lease of real estate incidental to business operation.
  • Succession in transfer of limitation planning for business entities.
  • General business counseling.
  • Litigation support for contested legal matters involving business, including collection services.
  • Collection services for business accounts receivable. See Litigation Services.